keep a worm box
Never again be without bait. Jamie Chung

Nursing a summer-long batch of red wigglers is as easy as hammering a few nails and remembering to save banana peels from the trash can. It’s a classic trick, no doubt. But raising your own bait means you can slip out of the house and hit the pond before Mama comes home. Just like in the old days.

New-School Twist: If the summer heat becomes a concern, fill a milk carton with ice and push it into the middle of the bed.

Make the Box

Cut a sheet of CDX-grade plywood, which is made with water-resistant glues, to your dimensions. Nail it together and drill a dozen 1⁄2-inch holes in the bottom for drainage.

Fill the Box

Dig a hole in a shady spot and sink the box, leaving a few inches of freeboard. Fill it with shredded newspaper, leaves, peat moss, and soil. Moisten lightly. Cover and let sit for a week.

Feed the Box

Add a few hundred worms and feed them two times a week. Keep the bedding moist but not wet. On the menu: lettuce, fruit and vegetable waste, and the occasional nongreasy leftover.

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