Duct tape A fist-size ball of loosely wadded duct tape is easy to light and will burn long enough to dry out tinder and kindling.

Inner tube Three-inch strips or squares of bicycle inner tube burn with a rank, smoky flame hot enough to dry small kindling. No bike? Try the rubber squares in a wader-patch kit (don’t forget the flammable patch glue) or a slice from a boot insole.

Aluminum can and gas Pouring gas on wet wood rarely results in more than a flare-up. Instead, cut the top off a soft drink can, bury it so that the rim extends an inch above the ground, and add 4 ounces of gas. Stack a tepee of wet kindling over the can, and light the gas. Or, pour in 4 ounces of gas and place the can on its side with the open tab on top.