The simple tube (or snuff-can) call has been around forever, yet you rarely see one in a modern turkey hunter’s vest. That’s a shame, because it takes just a few minutes to make one and only a few more minutes to learn how to blow it. Once you get the hang of a tube, you won’t believe how much volume you can generate with it. Nothing makes fast, loud cutts with less effort than a tube call. And they’re a good alternative for hunters who are unable to use a diaphragm call.

[STEP 1] Cut the bottom off a 35mm film can and cut a half circle out of the lid. Put the lid on the can.

[STEP 2] Cut a 2×3-inch rectangle out of a latex glove. Stretch the latex over the cutout in the lid of the can. Leave a ¼-inch gap between the edge of the latex and the bottom of the half circle. Use a rubber band to hold the latex in place.

[STEP 3] To blow the call, put it to your mouth with the cutout facing up. Your bottom lip should touch the bottom edge of the latex, while your upper lip lies on the edge of the lid. To cluck, make a short tut sound. To yelp, make the same kee-yuk sound you would on a diaphragm call. With some practice you can make good purrs and kee kees as well. Tune the call by tightening or loosening the latex, or by in-creasing or decreasing the size of the gap between the edge of the latex and the bottom of the cutout.


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• 1 35mm film canister, pill bottle, or other plastic container with a lid

• 1 Unpowdered latex glove

• 1 Rubber band

TOOLS: Very sharp knife (or utility blade) and a sharp pair of fine scissors

TIME: 10 minutes

COST: Free, assuming you can find these items around your house