When you’re drift fishing in rocky or zebra mussel-infested waters, a no-snag sinker is essential tackle for bouncing your bait off the bottom. You can buy these at most outdoor retailers, but why pay $5 when you can make your own out of duct tape?

[STEP 1] Tear off a piece of duct tape about 2 or 3 inches long.

[STEP 2] Place three or four split shot on one end of the tape.

[STEP 3] Roll the split shot snugly into a tube-shaped package.

[STEP 4] Trim the ends, but leave ¼ inch of space remaining on each side. Crimp these tag ends with long-nose pliers.

[STEP 5] Insert a snap-swivel through one tag end and close the swivel, then rig your sinker Carolina-style. –VINCE GIULIANI