The right paddle is a critical piece of every kayaker’s angler’s kit. But depending on how you use your kayak, the most expensive paddle might not be the best one. The first decision you need to make is to decide what material your paddle should be made of. There are three main types. Plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. The biggest difference between these types (particularly when it comes to how much they cost) is how much each type weighs.

Cheaper Paddles Weigh More Than Expensive Paddles

Cheap paddles are heavy. Light paddles take less work to use. The less quickly you tire, the faster you can go over time. If you use your paddle a lot, especially traveling over long distances, even small differences in weight will make a big difference in how far you can go without tiring yourself.


Good Grip

This product features drip rings, which you can move around to keep your hands from getting wet and slippery.
Feather Feel

With a minuscule weight below 35 ounces, this product won’t tire your arms and shoulders. AQUA BOUND

Budget Pick

Plastic models are the heaviest material, but their advantage lies in durability and a very low price. SeaSense