dog fetching beer
Lee Thomas Kjos / The Raw Spirit

The most memorable retrieves I’ve seen haven’t been 200-yard blinds for winged ducks, but 15-​footers for icy Bud Lights. Training Bowser to fetch a cold one isn’t difficult. You need patience for repetitive drills—and a few key supplies.

Beer the Fridge

You do have a refrigerator full of beer in your shop, right? The cans need to be on a shelf low enough for the dog to see and reach.

Rope It Off

Tie a piece of rope to the fridge handle. First train the dog to grab the rope, and gradually progress to having him pull open the door, rewarding progress with a treat. Work on a command too. “Get me a beer”—the exact phrase your wife ignores with impunity—will be met enthusiastically by your dog.

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Grab the Beer

With the fridge open, encourage the dog to take a beer in his mouth while repeating the command and rewarding progress. Next, command the dog to bring the beer to hand, using the same command you’d use to get him to deliver anything else. With plenty of repetitive practice, a young retriever will put the steps together in a short amount of time, and life’s problems will be mostly solved.