In your garage right now is probably a pair of ski poles that haven’t seen action since your knees started creaking years ago. Converting them into a bipod will give you quick and easy shooting stability in a very light package. –SCOTT BOWEN

  1. 1 Measure 30 inches up the shaft from the bottom point (32 inches if you’re a taller-than-average person). Use a hacksaw to cut the pole at this spot.

  2. 2 Remove the plastic cuff around the bottom of the pole with a knife and pliers. File or peel away any remaining pieces that cling to the pole.

  3. 3 If necessary, spray paint the poles a dull brown or other camouflage pattern, sanding them down first.

  4. 4 Wrap the top end of each pole in a double layer of electrical tape, stopping 4 inches down the shaft.

  5. 5 Drill a ¼-inch hole through each pole just below the bottom edge of the electrical tape. Slide a cotter pin through one of them, fit a small, thin washer over it, and then slide the pin through the hole in the second pole. Crimp the pin so that the poles can turn snugly but smoothly on the washer. Go shoot.