Is it going as well as this photo? A story earlier this week talked to Vicki Mountz, head of the information and education section of the Ohio Division of Wildlife, and proud new owner of a whole lot of venison.
Her comments about scent reminded me of our conversation a little while back. The story states:Mountz

Mountz said she does not wear a special scent-locking suit and was not using a ground attractant or cover-scent. But she carefully washes her hunting clothes in nonscent soap, showers with nonscent soap, and stores her clothes in a plastic bin with apples and acorns.

 So we know how things are going in Ohio, but how are things going with you? Sightings? Near hits? Meat for the freezer? At the very least, maybe you’ve gotten a lot of reading done in the blind. Feel free to send stories, updates—even your feelings about crossbows (apparently, that's what Vicki used). 

And if you're lucky enough to have a recent harvest to show off, I’m happy to brag on your behalf. Email me a photo and I’ll put it up on the blog. Happy Hunting! —K.H.