_ I recently got a nice email from a new blog reader, Jan, and thought her comments were well worth a post. She was citing the 2006 National Survey of Hunting, Fishing, and Wildlife Associated Recreation conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which had found a healthy growth in the number of female hunters, and she said,_

 "We've come a long way baby," from the days (in my case) begging my Dad to take me along with my brothers on a week-long deer hunt only to find out (when he finally DID agree to take me) that I was along primarily to serve as camp cook.   
 He (my Dad) is in his 80's now, and couldn't be prouder of me. All four boys stopped hunting years ago, and since Daddy is no longer able to take to the woods in the Fall, he lives those hunts through me. I take lots of pictures, and have even called him from the stand to tell him about the monster I just shot, or from Africa to replay the plains game hunt at the end of the day. He carries pictures around and will show anyone who asks -- and most who don't -- HIS daughter, the huntress.