A few months ago, I did a post on angler Kim Bain of Alabaster, Ala., who will soon be the first woman to compete in the Bassmaster Classic. Bain, 28, is an Australia native, who’d moved to the States to pursue a career in bass fishing. In October she beat out 19 competitors on Arkansas’ Lake Hamilton to become the first female angler to qualify for the Classic in the event’s 39-year history.

Following that post, I was happy to get an email from Bain’s mother Lynn in Australia. Lynn (referring to herself as “Kim’s Mum”), had seen the blog and was happy to add that her daughter is a, “Very keen hunter. She has succesfully hunted Red, Rusa & Sambar Deer in her native Australia, as well she has twice hunted in Africa (including a one-shot kill on a Buff), and was hosted to a field day by H&H; in London in 2006.”

Lynn went on to say that her daughter, who shoots a .308 in Australia and .375 H&H; in Africa, has hunted a few times in the States (“one each for turkey and deer from a blind — neither of which we do in Australia”). But she hasn’t pulled the trigger on anything yet.

I figured you’d be as psyched as I am to know Bain is “one of us,” and I’m wishing her all the best at the Classic in February! -K.H.