Last Wednesday, Trent Boggs and his wife Sheri heard cries in the middle of the night that sent chills down their spines. Thinking a woman was in trouble, Trent rushed out of their bedroom to help, while Sheri stood shocked as she watched from a window. Outside on the their driveway, an adult grizzly was eating a moose calf.

The attack occurred in a subdivision of newly built suburban homes and manicured lawns where, residents say, wandering bears are out of the ordinary. According to eyewitnesses, the bear chased the baby moose down the street until it pinned the calf against Trent’s car. At this point Trent, who still thought the cries were those of a human, came running outside. However, once he saw the bear on his property, he went back inside and ran for his gun, saying he wasn’t sure his front door could hold back the grizzly. “I was freaked out,” he told the Daily News.

During the incident, the calf’s mother paced up and down the street and at times tried to charge the bear. Eventually she retreated back to the woods. Residents believe the mother was the same moose that had given birth to twin calves in the subdivision earlier in the summer.

The Boggses and area officials then cleaned the scene and removed the calf’s body once the grizzly left the area. Trent handled the job of hosing off his driveway before his 7-year-old daughter Nikole–who was asleep during the killing–could see the remains: “We didn’t want the little one to be afraid.”