If you missed the X-Files movie, no worries, today’s developments in the most recent Bigfoot claim are possibly more entertaining.
I’m sure we’ve all heard that an alleged Bigfoot ‘corpse’ was discovered in the woods of northern Georgia last June by hikers Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer. At a press conference last week, the pair presented a photo of what appeared to be a heap of fur in a refrigerator, as well as DNA samples from the supposed remains.
Today Bigfoot enthusiasts from Searching for Bigfoot Inc. and Sasquatchdetective say in an online posting that Whitton and Dyer’s claim is a fraud.
The duo had allegedly turned the frozen Bigfoot corpse over to members of the two Bigfoot groups, who proceeded to thaw it. When the actual “remains” were revealed, they were made of rubber, the statement posted today said. Whitton and Dyer then admitted their “discovery” was merely a costume.
According to this CNN story, no one involved in the hoax, or the assessment of the remains, can now be reached for comment.
Steve Kulls of Sasquatchdetective who ‘revealed’ the fraud in today’s online posting didn’t return a call from reporters. A woman who answered the phone at Searching for Bigfoot Inc said Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi, who was also involved in assessing the remains, was ill and unable to comment. Whitton’s phone appeared to have been disconnected, Dyer’s number couldn’t be located, and the pair failed to show up for a press appearance on CNN’s “American Morning” last Monday.
The online posting really is worth the read — it’s as unnerving as it is amusing. And unlike the X-Files movie, which some of us may have unfortunately found out was a waste of time and hard-earned money — reading the post is free. -K.H.