Granted, I’m still a bit dizzy from having caught 20-pound browns on the fly, on a dream trip to Tierra del Feugo (if you haven’t seen the whole story, please check out and see the dispatch “Monster Brown Trout at the Bottom of the World”). But I now can’t help but wonder … is North America, indeed the good ‘ol U.S.A., really the world capital of all things flyfishing?

Sure, we have big trout, and bass, and salmon, and steelhead, and pike … and tarpon, and bonefish, and stripers, and so much more. But in South America, they have big browns, and rainbows … and peacock bass, and freshwater dorado … and a whole list of species that will eat a fly which I cannot spell without a translator, let alone pronounce.

If you could close your eyes, and be “beamed” (a la Star Trek) to one place on this planet, fly rod in hand, no cost, no time involved to travel, where would it really be?