I didn’t pull a Kansas archery whitetail tag this fall, a circumstance I found mildly painful when I found out this summer. Now, these several months later, it hurts pretty bad….especially when I see pictures like the two below. Not that I’ve ever seen a whitetail that would come close to scoring with these studs.



But there’s more to Kansas than giant bucks. The country is absolutely gorgeous, the people as friendly and warm as people can get, and the hunting….well, there’s always the chance that something like this will walk by. Dreaming is one thing, but when you’re hunting a spot where at least some dreams become reality, it’s a special thing indeed!

Not much info on the big non-typical, so I guess the pic will have to tell the story. As for the giant typical, it green scored over 200” and nets a shade under 190”, which would place it in the Top 10 typical bucks shot in the Sunflower State. That’s some pretty heady company!