Two nice bucks taken in Pennsylvania. Scott Beebe

Northeast field reporter Scott Beebe, who hunts northern Pennsylvania and southwestern New York, just sent us this report, including pictures of a couple of fine bucks taken recently. The chase is on in his part of the whitetail world. If you live anywhere nearby, you need to get in a stand this week.

“I’m seeing more and more activity in the deer woods each day. Bucks are searching hard and harassing any doe they lay eyes on. Field edges and oak flats seem to be the best spots to intercept a searching giant early and late in the day, as the heat puts a midday damper on all-day hunts. Funnels or hillside benches out of the sun are great places to catch a cruising buck.

“The photo on the left is of David Kemp of Knoxville, Pa., who shot this nice 2-1/2-year-old a week ago while it was eating acorns on a cool evening, on route to a field. Dave made a great shot, which led to an easy recovery. The photo on the right is a 3-1/2-year-old buck (aged by Kip Adams of the Quality Deer Management Association, via jaw bone analysis) that I took on Saturday in Tioga County, Pa. He was searching out bedded does at 9 a.m., along an oak bench with a spring head. He stopped for a drink, picked up a couple acorns, and grunted his way right to me for a 10-yard shot.

Hunts on Sunday and Monday in New York have had similar action, with great response to rattling, grunting, and decoys. Lots of 2-1/2-year-olds. I’m still in search of a mature buck there. Does are coming into season each day as reports from friends come pouring in of big bucks chasing or paired up with single does. I think the best is yet to come though, so get out there, and good luck.”