Never to early to start thinking about the New Year’s Resolutions. The standards, like shedding pounds, watching my foul language, etc., will still apply, just as they have since 1989. However, I have some flyfishing-specific add-ons for 2008.

I resolve:

To catch no fewer than 20 fish species on the fly this year. Branching out is what most anglers (and this sport) need. I’ll start with carp.

To fish at least three more days on the lake and/or river with my son than we did last year (which was pretty many, but there should always be more).

To take at least one of the rods and reels gathering dust in my garage, and give them to one or more of the neighbor kids, no strings attached, lessons included upon request.

To leave the river in the middle of the epic evening hatch so I’m home exactly when I told my wife I would be. Strike that … that ain’t ever going to happen.

To finish the book manuscript I’ve been working on for two years.

To invent a bass fly, and name it the “Kinky Friedman.”

To catch at least one trout on a dry fly in every calendar month of the year.

What are yours?