If you haven’t submitted any photos for the Fly Talk photo contest, this is your last day to do so. All submissions after today will not be looked at. When the clock hits midnight EST it’s over. The actual contest will take place on the main Field & Stream website in early February after the new F&S website is launched. I know this is a bit later than I had originally promised, but trust me it will be worth it as the new site is promising to be very cool. Information on the contest and submission information is below. 

Here’s the deal. You send me ( what you consider your best fly fishing images, and we’ll do an edit and separate the crap from the good stuff. Just after the new year Fly Talk will present our picks on the main Field and Stream website and let you, the viewers pick your favorites. Whoever gets the three highest number of votes will get the three prizes below. Remember, we want some variety here. I’ll be really bummed if we get four hundred “grip and grins”. I want some humor, landscapes, lifestyle, etc…  Scotta3

PRIZE #1. A Scott, nine foot, four piece, five weight A3 (MSRP $335). We like Scott Rods… a lot. They make sweet rods right here in our home state, are unapologetic about their processes and basically just kill it all the way around. You want this rod, trust me. Fishpond 

Prize #2 Whoa, another Colorado company… Fishpond is also one of our favorites and make righteous stuff. We’re giving away the Sawtooth wader mat(MSRP: $49.00) (I keep one in my car always) and a Westwater Boat bag (MSRP: $149.00) together. Spoiler

Prize #3 A sweet pair of Smith shades. The Interlock Spoiler in Square Tortoise with a Polar Brown lens (MSRP $149) is the perfect fishing pair of sunglasses. Truly, this is the only pair of interchangeable lenses that in my opinion cannot be rivaled. Just twist the stems and pop out the lenses. Check out how the system works here

Good Luck, TR