My golden retriever is a fetching fool, but I don’t know how to get him to recover stuff I drop from tree stands. Now there’s something that will. Stuff a Tree Talon in your pack, and any time a hat, release, glove, or (heaven forbid) binocular hits the ground, just lower the 3-ounce tool and let its cleverly engineered claw nab the item. The Tree Talon can lift up to 35 pounds and is bound to save you a few trips up and down the tree this fall.

$20; 207-469-1900;


No-Pain Vanes
Of course you spent the whole summer shooting your bow, right? So you probably need to refletch some of your arrows. You can do it yourself in seconds with New Archery Products’ QuikFletch Vane System. Just boil some water, dip the QuikFletch, and slide it onto the arrow’s shaft; it shrinks to a perfect fit. I did it with my own arrows, which means it requires no special skill or brainpower. Available in QuikSpin ST or Twister styles, both in several colors.

$14–$30 for six; 800-323-1279;


Get the Shot
No tree for your scouting camera? No problem. Last year, we told you about a tripod that solves the issue. This year, Pine Ridge Archery offers a cheap, lightweight alternative. Just put a metal fence post (about $5 at any hardware store) in the ground and attach your camera with the new AT-5 Trail Camera Support. It tilts up and down, pivots left and right, and works with all camera models.

$25; 877-746-7434;