Gary Fogelman, Pennsylvania Atlatl Association president, along with a few hundred atlatl enthusiasts, are hoping the Game Commission will let them hunt deer with one of the oldest weapons known to man. The atlatl (pronounced AT-lat-ul) was developed by African hunters 25,000 years ago. A piece of wood roughly 2 feet long, it can hurl 5- to 8-foot arrowlike darts at speeds of up to 100 mph, with an effective range of 5 to 27 yards. “It’s about conquering the techniques to get close to game,” Fogelman says, “and being able to finish the job.” Alabama is the only state that lets hunters harvest deer with an atlatl. The PGC could vote to legalize atlatl hunting in April (after this issue goes to press). If it does, a very old-fashioned kind of hunter may be stalking the state’s deer this fall.