A couple of years ago I traveled the world shooting video for a flyfishing travel TV show that never aired. Go figure… We traveled to Argentina, Mongolia, Canada, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Russia. Apparently my friend and other shooter on the show, Roy Tanami, dug up some of the footage and put together a simple video of some of our travels. Roy’s got a book coming out in the fall. It’s called Angling the Word, Ten Spectacular Adventures In Fly Fishing. He’s pre-promoting the book via Youtube and other means, and this video brought back some great memories. I thought you all would love to see it. I think he even stole some of my photos for the section on New Zealand. You owe me Roy!

The book is being published by Lyons Press and is due out October, but you can pre-order through

Enjoy the video, and be sure to check out our mini site as I wander the middle of the country with Field and Stream editor, Nate Matthews, bass fishing our way down the length of the Mississippi river from north to south.



Roy Tanami is one of the best-traveled, and most talented shooters and writers ever to apply the lens and/or pen to this crazy realm of flyfishing. I still credit Roy with the best story intro I’ve ever read. This book will be a slam-dunk, and you need to check it out. — Deeter