Valentine's Day means love, and love means weddings, and weddings mean a lot of fun and a lot of cold, hard logistics.   
 Among my friends and family, weddings have come in waves. Right after college, there was an explosion of about 7 weddings in the space of a year and a half among my circle of friends. Things died down for awhile, with only sporadic nuptials here and there. And now 2008 has shaped up to be another year of union with three weddings in four months -- one for a very close friend, one for my cousin, and a third for my lovely sister.   
 Based on my experience in various bridal parties, I appreciate that a wedding can be a complicated machine. From wardrobe and decor to catering and entertainment -- the money, planning, and support staff involved in even the humblest of "Special Days" can result in a significant boost for Excedrin stockholders. Relationships are tested, budgets drained, waistlines assaulted, and the will to overcome it all can be pushed to the very brink of human endurance.   
 Yet, for the love of our family and friends, we plunge willingly into the scented fray of save-the-date mailings, dress fittings, hair appointments, and surprise shower tactics - knowing that it's all part of life among loved ones. Besides, whether you're the one to the left of the altar in the dyed shoes or the one dead center in the white dress, we all take turns being the supporter or the supported through the years.  
 One aspect of the bridal experience that I have no knowledge of, however, is the wide world of theme weddings. Hunting, for example, has never factored into any ceremony I've attended. But it's a popular theme for sure, with a healthy little range of products from camo wedding dresses and garters to hunter-and-huntress cake toppers to support it.  
 How much did hunting factor into your own wedding - or those of your family and friends?  And was your Special Day a triumph in large-scale party planning, or an intimate gathering of your closest loved ones? -K.H.