We rarely do product reviews here, unless we’re hooking reels to motorcycles. But here’s a very slick concept from 20 Sub 3 that definitely caught my attention. This little pouch holds a highly detailed map of my favorite fishing and hunting area. Pull it out of the bag, and it’s the size of a table top, with dead-on accurate detail on public and private property, rivers, roads, even topographical information. It’s made from washable, waterproof, rip-resistant polyester… heck I gave it a ride through the spin cycle the other day (I couldn’t help myself). Held up beautifully.

For $59, it’s a good investment, at least if you’re like me who is sick of thumbing through torn, tattered, dog-eared maps. Most maps the company has to offer are focused on Oregon, but they’ll soon be charting courses throughout the country, so keep your eyes peeled.