This is a wonderful topic to which I hope to return now and again, partly in hopes of eliciting some female responses. I’ll also admit to being a lucky guy in that my wife of more than 25 years is not only still my best friend but also my most frequent fishing companion.

This has, of course, required certain adjustments. For example, I do most of the grocery shopping and cooking because I enjoy that. She does a lot of the carpentry and painting around the house because she enjoys that part.

Early the other evening I had finished putting dinner in the oven and was sitting outside in a lawn chair reading the paper. Martha was behind me on a ladder, painting part of the house. Then up the driveway comes Cliff, our local UPS deliveryman who is also an ardent bass fisherman.

Cliff pulled a cardboard tube full of rod samples from his truck and brought it over to where I was sitting. He looked at Martha on the ladder. Then he looked back at me in the lawn chair.

“John,” he said, laughing and shaking his head. “I’d give a million bucks to know how you do this.”

“It’s easy, Cliffy,” I told him. “You just make adjustments.”