We’ve been running a reel giveaway contest here for a couple of weeks, asking readers to post why they need a brand-new Abu Garcia 6500C3 baitcaster. The entries have been fun to read—from funny to pathetic to a few that even seemed genuine.

A tip of the hat to “Douglas,” who wanted to give the reel to his wife for Christmas (yeah, right…), and to “Scott in Ohio” for his very clever adaptation of Dr. Seuss. Read these and the other great entries here.

The winner, though, is “Hanson,” who wrote:

“To make it short, like you asked, I’ll make a list:
1. I am 14 yrs old.
2. I fish for catfish, walleye, and northern pike.
3. My wallet is very empty.
4. I’ve read F&S since I was 9.”

I was reading F&S at age 9, too, and that was very long time ago. I guess it was the flashback that got me on this one.

Hanson, drop me an e-mail at with your mailing/shipping address, and we’ll get your new reel on its way to you.

Meanwhile, and to all of you, thanks again for responding. We’ll start another great giveaway in the near future. Stay tuned!