Five inches of new snow here last night started me daydreaming about far-off and warm fishing places…Florida, the Bahamas, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and more. Once in a while, I actually get to go. But no where near often enough, and it took a lot of years of fishing before I could make the first such trip a reality.
At this time of year I think about it a lot, though, reminded by photos such as this one of a fly-caught dorado that I took a few years ago at the southern tip of Baja California. On that day it was about 80 degrees under an intense tropical sun. On this day, where I am, the thermometer is stuck at zero.

I think every fisherman has a someday place, an exotic fishing hole that might never be actually attained but that brings at least a sigh or a wish or a dream. So assume for the moment that price is no object. In that case, I’m curious to know where would you go fishing this winter?