If all goes according to plan, right now I’m casting an impossibly small blue-winged olive dry fly toward gently rising trout in a river on the border between Wyoming and Colorado. Hatches of tiny olives are a fall trout-fishing staple from Maine to California, but there’s much more to the season

Later this month, I’ll be hauling my skiff down to Cape Cod to chase the fall run of stripers and bluefish along the Massachusetts coast. Wind and weather permitting, we’ll find some fast-moving schools of false albacore as well. Plugs and jigs will be the ticket here, although I might also fly-fish, too, if conditions are exactly right.

Then comes October, when the water has cooled in our big northern lakes. That means that lake trout and landlocked salmon will be chasing smelt schools near the surface. That can be very exciting fishing, both by casting and by trolling. Lucky for me, it’s close to home.

Fall is just a fantastic time to be fishing almost anywhere. What’s on your fishing schedule at this time of year?