While camping and fishing on Cape Cod this week, my wife looked at me over her glasses and told me with great definition that it was time for me to grab a shower.

So I gathered towel and shaving kit, and stumbled off through the dark toward the state park shower building. A door was propped open at the end of the structure, shower stalls evident within. I walked in and stood looking around for a vacant stall.

Just then, some guy runs in and grabs my arm and mumbles something in my ear. Or maybe he mumbled. I’m pretty deaf and couldn’t tell.

“Huh? What?” I looked at him and pulled my arm away.

“It’s the ladies’ room, you idiot!” He started pulling me toward the door.

So I went back outside and checked for a sign on the outside. Sure enough: “Women.” Ooooops. And I started laughing. I mean what if I’d been taking a shower and started hearing female voices? This still strikes me as very funny.

How about you. Any similar misadventures?