As problems go, this might not seem too significant but it’s still a pain in the neck. I have a large collection of gimme-style ball caps that have come from various tackle companies over the years, and virtually all of them are too small. Because I have a larger-than- normal head size (no comments, please), I have a difficult time finding fishing hats I can wear comfortably and that won’t blow off when I’m running the boat.

I finally found a company called the Big Hat Store in Troy, Michigan, that sells oversize ball caps. So I bought a bunch of their hats, which turned out to be the first I’ve owned in years that actually fit well.

This also got me thinking that perhaps because of my large skull that I must be of equally large talent and intellect. But then maybe not. In searching around, I discovered that both Winston Churchill and Abe Lincoln had relatively small hat sizes–both were 7-1/8. Henry Ford’s was even smaller at 6-7/8. ( For more about hats, hat sizing, and history, click here.)

So much for my dreams of grandeur. Anybody else have trouble finding a fishing hat that fits?