I was rummaging through some of my digital photo files last night and came across this big walleye (29 inches, to be exact). It’s one my wife caught as were we fishing Rainy Lake in September near International Falls, Minnesota. The lure is a Lucky Craft Pointer jerkbait.
Lures from Lucky Craft are expensive; around $17 for this one, for example, which makes it especially painful when a northern pike cuts one off. On the other hand, they work.

On this trip I specifically tested this lure against competitive jerkbaits in the same sizes and color patterns but costing only $6 to $7. On the big smallmouths we were mostly catching there, the Lucky Craft baits outfished their cheaper competitors by almost exactly 3 to 1. I was amazed. I think if someone had told me first there would be such a difference, I would not have believed it. Now I do. But maybe it’s just me….