Hitching up my boat trailer yesterday afternoon, and I thought I might help some of you solve a big problem. When backing up to a trailer, you can’t see the relative positions of your vehicle’s hitch ball and the trailer connector. Getting everything aligned is a huge pain in the neck without someone else directing you. By yourself, you’ll be in and out of the truck six times before you get it right. You’ll probably also bash your bumper on the trailer tongue in the process.

I use a simple mirror that sits on the truck’s tailgate that allows me to see the hitch ball, and–when I get close—the trailer connector at the same time. No more in-and-out of the truck, and I get it right first time, every time.


I’ve had mine for a few years, but the closest thing I see on the web these days is called a CIPA Fast Hitch mirror. Do a search to find one for about $40 or less.


It’s a phenomenal time-saver, but not the only way to accomplish the same thing. Any other suggestions?