I ran across this Internet ad for Fairmont Residences, a luxury real-estate development planned along Colorado’s Blue River near Breckenridge. There will be some 60 units starting at $900,000 each where one of the main attractions will be flyfishing for trout. Here’s an artist’s rendering, taken from their ad.
This brought to mind a couple of things. First, maybe I should sign up for a couple of units as a clubhouse for The Honest Angler. Then you guys could come out and play.

More seriously, I was struck by the absurdity of the whole thing. Luxury real-estate development is a big deal these days, and there are those who can still afford it. It just seems as if putting something like this along a river turns trout fishing into a kind of golf. Personally, I’d rather fish the backcountry out of a $200 tent.