So I’m working at putting some tackle away for the winter, which means I’m stripping old line from reels that I won’t re-spool until next spring. This got me thinking about line and wondering what other people like.

Much of the time, meaning when time is short and money is tight, I buy one-quarter-pound spools of Berkley Big Game monofilament at my local Wal-Mart. For about $8, that’s enough line to fill a half-
dozen freshwater reels. Once in a while, I step up to Trilene Sensation mono, which generally performs better but at a premium price.

For a superline, I fish mostly FireLine, which I’ve used since it first came out. This gets spooled on both spinning and baitcasting reels. To save money, I use the expensive FireLine as a topshot on a reel, filling about half the spool with cheap, nylon mono first.

So what about you guys? Voice your choice, folks. I’m curious… .