second rut midwest
Bucks were cruising in the timber during Ohio's gun season.. Submitted

Many hunters dismiss the reality of a second rut, or “pickup breeding,” but Eric Ashcraft is not one of them. Ashcraft, owner of Close Encounter Whitetails in central Ohio, filed this report last night:

“The second rut came in full bore this gun week here in central Ohio. Even with the warm temps, bucks were locked on does in the timber or cruising looking for a receptive doe. Running our trail cams a couple times a week has helped us narrow in on some great target bucks all fall. We are currently at 50 percent success for the year, with five misses. This week we have been hunting food sources and timber thickets, which has lead to some great success. Our gun hunters from New York knocked down three bucks, and we had two misses.

second rut midwest
Eric Ashcraft says the key to success right now is continued scouting persistence. Submitted

“It can be tough to keep at it this time of year, but we’ve learned to just keep scouting and running trail cams,” he says. “We found this fresh monster rub the other day, which reminds us that we just have to ‘keep on keeping on’ and put in the seat time!”