I don’t injure myself all that frequently (knock on wood), but last week, I did a number on my right toe. I don’t want to overhype it — no emergency room visit or stitches required. But it was a good reminder that one absent-minded little misstep can lead to trouble.

 I wasn't hunting or really doing anything all that active at the time. I was setting the self-timer for an outdoors family photo (very athletic, I know). I got everything set up, and -- thinking I was being smart -- I kicked off my flip flops so I wouldn't fall when I ran into place. I hit the shutter button, made my mark, the camera clicked, and the photo was a lovely tribute to home and family. 

 After our successful little shoot, I slipped back into my flip flops while shutting down the camera and headed back to the house with a few cousins. A few minutes later, I realized my foot felt wet. I looked down, and my flip flop was soaked with blood which was also squishing up between my toes. I figured I must have stepped on something when I ran into place for the photo, but I coulndn't understand why I hadn't felt anything. It was a long walk back (this photo was in a specific location), and by the time we got there, the blood was overflowing my flip flops. 

 What I ended up with after a very pleasant cleaning session at the bathroom sink was a deep cut on the underside of my now very-swollen right big toe (I took a picture -- I figured the camera was handy!) And the next few days of family fun was made a little more complicated by the fact that I could only walk on my right heel, which is to say, not very fast. I was a total nerd about cleaning it every morning and night and keeping it bandaged all day. On about day three a little black fleck in the wound surfaced as a piece of gravel that I was finally able to clean out -- cool!

 Now my toe is well on its way to recovery. But how silly that a one-second, four-meter dash would result in all that inconvenience. I have to say, though, despite the boring circumstance, I'm quite proud of my little injury and the little scar I'll be able to show off as proof of my sacrifice for the family album. 

 I'm sure many of us have suffered much more heroic injuries than this -- maybe while actually out in the field doing something actually active. Cuts, sprains, broken bones, what's your best story? -K.H.