One tagged deer, no cart, no ATV, no dragging harness, and miles to go before you sleep. What’s the most efficient way to haul that animal out of the woods? Here are two methods. Both get your deer’s head, neck, and shoulders off the ground, which results in less friction and easier dragging. –T. EDWARD NICKENS

[1] ONE-MAN DOE DRAG: Cut a strong ½-inch-diameter stick into an 18-inch length, and whittle a point on one end. Stab an inch-long slit through the muzzle with your knife, just behind the black part of the nose and across the top of the nose bone. Work the knife blade under the cartilage and out the other side. Insert the stick into this slit. Grab the dragging stick with both hands behind your back.

[2] TWO-MAN BUCK PUSH: Pull the front legs forward and tie each tightly to the base of an antler. Then lash a stout 4-foot-long stick to the antlers at a crotch in the tines, leaving enough length protruding from either side for two men to stand beside the deer and push, oxen-style. In addition to easing the burden, this method protects the cape from dirt and abrasion.