Fishing here on Nantucket has done nothing but improve. With the week-long blow long behind us and a stable air mass the fish have moved in almost everywhere. Nantucket harbor is fishing well and I have had several reports of good size fish there. On the West End the sight/flats fishing has opened wide up; this past week Jaime Rantanen from PA landed 12 stripers up to 17 pounds and pulled hooks on 3 others. Dan Zemann of NY landed a nice 40 incher (22 1/2 pounder) along with 3 other nice fish a few days ago, and managed 8 today all ranging from 29 to 36 inches, and Jim Beasley of Florida landed several nice fish with a personal best on fly of 34 inches. The rips have exploded with squid so we took a “store” trip out yesterday morning and were doubling and tripling up with stripers ranging from 30 inches to 37 inches; not as big as the report I had from the previous day but all nice fish. Capt Shawn Bristow has been getting into some fish up to 43 inches in the rips.


While not on fly, bluefin tuna have been showing up in the East. Capt. Shawn has been out the past two days and managed into several yesterday and one today. While not everyone wants to see them, I hope the smaller school size bluefin show their faces for some fly rod action.