Last week I went 11-3 and still did not rake in any cash. My featured picks were a measley 3-2. Overall I stand with a 49-26 record on the year leading the office with only winnings for second. The hell with the most biting fly challenge.

This week is easy – I went to the traveling fly shop in my truck and pulled out the extra flies container. I put the featured game logo on the tailgate and dumped the flies. With a little magnetics technology and basic math skills my pick is justifed.

Why look any further than Sunday afternoon’s featured contest of the New England Patriots at the Dallas Cowboys. The battle of the undeafeated teams has plenty of story lines.

1. Bill Bellicheck vs. Wade Phillips – Advantage lies with Bellicheat and the Super Bowl Rings on his fingers to Wade’s zippo, zilch, nada.

2. No. 81 Randy Moss vs. No. 81 egomaniac who needs no introduction – Advantage Patriot’s Moss with 34 receptions and 500-plus yards in 5 games this year.

3. Tom Brady vs. Tony Romo – Advantage Brady and his three golden rings, as Romo is still wiping the butter off from last year’s playoff.

4. The Fly Challenge – Patriots are represented by the Parachute Adams, while the Cowboys have a Grey WD40 pulling in fish. Advantage is the Patriot’s. How can you diss a classic fly pattern.

5. Where would you rather fish? New England States or Texas. Advantage New England States have Classic trout streams, running steelies, salmon, stripers, bass, and other pan fish.

As of right now New England is looking like the favorite and the Chowderheads are starting to crack the clam shells and peel the potatoes. I would stop here, but I want winnings.

Scientific Tailgate Research Results: I might as well have played Rock-Paper-Scissors with any Cowboy fan, but the can of whoop ass would have been too much. For all of you fanatical Cowboy fans, melt the butter and pull out the lobster bibs as New England ruins your perfect season.


This week’s battle is downright great on paper. The beantown Patriots celebrate in style by scalding the Cowboys by 9. The Cowboys will be trying to still figure out how to get a fly line wet on Monday.

by Anthony Bartkowski