Several years ago, my guide friend Kea Hause talked about snipping the hooks off his dry flies and casting at trout, literally just for grins. He figured the “eat” and a split-second tug were all that really mattered to have his fun. Once you trick that instinct with the perfect cast and drift, he reasoned, “what more does one really need?” He called it “rollin’ fish.”

Of course, I thought he was nuts.

But lately, I’ve taken up “rollin’ fish” as a hobby, and I must say, I’m addicted. I don’t stress any fish. Never get my hands wet. And I spend a helluva lot less time pulling flies out of the bushes.

Does this type of flyfishing represent a higher level of enlightenment… or extreme laziness? Am I just flat-out off my rocker? Wait, don’t answer that… well, okay go ahead.