Howell's Gun Shop
Howell's Gun Shop in Gray, Maine is a landmark for shooters. Howell's

Normally, I eschew subjects of local interest, preferring the great, sweeping themes of shooting, but this time I have to break my own rule. For 35 years Howell’s, in Gray, Maine, has been a landmark for shooters. It’s a real, old-fashioned gun shop where the people behind the counter actually know what they’re talking about.

On October 22, Howell’s opened a brand-new indoor range/gun store, and it is something to see. It’s absolutely state of the art, and they’ll even let you shoot a rifle on it. The targets are computer operated, and you can make them do all sorts of tricks. There’s one self-defense program where the range is darkened and targets appear in intermittent and flickering light at varying distances. Cops like that one a lot.

They have instruction at all levels, and shooting leagues, and four different membership programs, including a corporate program. The range is located a couple of minutes off Exit 63 on Rt. 95. The phone number is (207) 657-2324, e-mail