That’s right folks, no more felt on the soles of your wading boots in New Zealand. The ban on felt is expected to become effective October 1st of this year.

Fish and Game New Zealand, the regulatory body that governs just that decided the material is a “high risk” carrier of certain organisms like didymo, and other invasives.

Personally I think this is a great move and I’m sure is a sign of things to come. If we’re going to control invasive species drastic steps are going to have to be taken world wide and I’m sure this is just a start.

I haven’t had a pair of felt boots in probably five years and I don’t miss them a bit. To be perfectly honest I made the switch because I like the sticky rubber more than felt here in Colorado, but it turns out I’ve been doing my local watersheds a favor in the process.

Does any one out there check and or wash their gear for possible contamination? Who wears rubber? Who wears felt? How would you feel if they banned felt here?