You know, one of the great things about fishing in Colorado that is you never know exactly what (or whom) you might bump into on the river on any given day… bears… bald eagles… elk… mule deer… even Flip Pallot.

Now, if you’re like me, you immediately recognize Flip from his television series, “The Walker’s Cay Chronicles,” which I believe to be the best written and shot series on flyfishing, ever, bar none. Long before there was ever this Field & Stream gig, I’d wake up, religiously, on Saturday mornings (when I wasn’t out fishing) to watch that show. It inspired me beyond words. Moreover, it taught me. Techniques and geography, sure… but more importantly, about a culture, a mindset, and those lessons still guide me.

I’m fortunate enough now to have gotten to know Flip. We’ve fished. We’ve hunted (he’s a die-hard hunter). In fact, Flip tied the nock indicator on the bowstring of my recurve bow (just used elk hunting) with green dental floss. And in my experience, rarely have I met someone whom I’d seen and heard about, who turned out to be all that, and more. That’s Flip. He’s the real deal.

And in this day and age, when fishing-turned-television is more about money and sponsors, and guys shaking hands over “money shots” and carcasses… I really think the “Walker’s Cay Chronicles” is still a beacon of what could and should be. Oh, there are others who get it, for sure, and other good shows. But, sadly, I can count them on my hands…

What do you think?