Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss politics between now and November, but a recent statement by presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama made it seem like a good time to kick off some general election chatter.
According to this Standard State Bureau story, while campaigning in Butte, Montana last week, Mr. Obama told reporters, “There is not a sportsman or hunter in Montana who is a legal possessor of firearms that has anything to worry about from me.”
So I checked out the Obama campaign website, which includes a 2-page position statement on the “Rights and Traditions of Sportsmen.” While it points out in the first sentence that Mr. Obama did not grow up hunting and fishing, (a straight-up admission that I frankly appreciate), it goes on to outline his views on issues such as gun rights, access, conservation (including saltwater, wetlands, national forest, and climate change concerns) and youth hunter outreach.
Have you had time to read the positions of both Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain on their respective sites? And what do you make of them? Sincere expressions of opinion or say-what-they-want-to-hear politics? And does a person have to be a hunter to appreciate views near and dear to sportsmen?