Leave it to our brother-in-arms, Conway Bowman, to throw down the gauntlet for FlyTalk’s “Ffloggies” (the equivalet of the ESPYs for fly-caught fish of the year) with this whopper tale from the Bayou. The gritty details: 38-pound redfish, on 16-pound tippet, caught with a “Halley’s Comet” fly in four inches of water … and released! Conway used a Native Watercraft “Ultimate12” kayak to sneak in for the shot with an 8-weight Scott STS rod. He was fishing “in the land of giants” on November 6 with bull-red guru Captain Gregg Arnold. And the best part is, they got it all on film (well, digital). Conway and crew were shooting an episode of his upcoming television series (Name TBD) to air in March. FlyTalk will be sure to tell you when to tune in so you can watch this catch happen in real time …