Had a chance to revisit the “Hogpen” the other day with my Fflogger friends Nate Matthews, an editor from Field & Stream, and Tim Romano, the photo/blog man. Frankly, the day was really hot and bright, so the fishing wasn’t, except for a few sporadic hopper eats and a very sporty interlude of throwing tiny ant patterns at some rainbows laid-up in the same riffle.

The fish finally turned on an hour before sunset, and while Nate and I stayed the course with dry flies … master Tim tied on a nymph rig and proceeded to hammer fish in a downstream carnage spectacle that smacked of Sherman’s “March to the Sea.”Balloonicator

Which would have been fine, except it left me feeling soiled … violated. Maybe it’s a generation thing, but I was taught that when heads are popping, it’s “go dry or go home.” Maybe it’s that Colorado-bred nymph-o-mania issue. No doubt, Tim put the smackdown on the trout with at least a 10-1 ratio advantage on us. And yeah … I know all about dry fly snobs, and have heard the arguments that nymph fishing is actually a more technical and challenging way to chase trout; it’s 3-D fishing after all.

But I’m not buying it. I’m not going to sell my soul, and become another “bobber geek.” Well, at least not unless I really, truly must. Am I wrong here?