Our pals over at Outdoor Life have some big, and exciting, news to share: They have launched their own line of signature gear, OL Guide Life. This project has been in the works for awhile, as Outdoor Life's team of editors and gear experts have been involved in the entire process—from product design to rigorous gear testing.

The theme of OL Guide Life’s very first line is base camp—which is a fitting start, considering that base camp marks the beginning of many outdoor adventures. The line includes tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, headlamps, and more. Each product is built to last and designed to make life at camp more comfortable and enjoyable.

OL Guide Life products are available exclusively at Amazon and olguidelife.com. You can take a peek at part of the product line below. So grab some gear and put it to the test—then let us know you think.

You can see a sneak peak of what's available at the magazine's new online store, olguidelife.com, or by searching on Amazon.com. Grab a few things, head outside, put it to the test, and let us know what you think. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Bunk House Tents

OL Guide Life Bunk House Tents
Whether your sleeping in the four- or six-person model, these lightweight tents have plenty of headroom, a large vestibule and rainfly, and a rigid construction to keep out the elements while you rest. $399-$499.Elijah Holland

Catskill Director Chair

OL Guide Life Catskill Director Chair
At the end of the day, there's nothing better than pulling a good chair close to a campfire and enjoying the moment. $89Lindsay D’Addato

Timber Trail Headlamp

OL Guide Life Timber Trail Headlamp
This bright beacon features an adjustable light beam, and is available in either battery-operated or rechargeable models. $35-$49Lindsay D’Addato

Cover Art T-Shirt

Outdoor Life Cover Art T-Shirt
Outdoor Life has published some terrific covers over the years, and some look just as good on a shirt as on paper. Available in either women's or men's sizes, you can pick from either a fishing bear or jumping buck. $28Lindsay D’Addato

Bedroll Sleeping Bags

OL Guide Life Bedroll Sleeping Bags
This sleeping bag will keep you warm and comfortable all night. Available in 40- or 15-degree ratings. $129-$169Lindsay D’Addato

Cover Art Hoodie

OL Guide Life Cover Art Hoodie
When the weather is too cold to wear your cover-art T-shirt, you can still rep a classic cover on the back of this sweatshirt. Available in women's and men's sizes. $55Lindsay D’Addato

Cache Creek Duffel

OL Guide Life Cache Creek Duffel
This water-resistant bag will hold plenty of gear and clothing, and can even be worn like a backpack. $129Lindsay D’Addato

Mud Room/Camping Mat

OL Guide Life Mud Room/Camping Mat
Spread this out on the floor of your tent and you'll have a warm, clean, padded place to relax. $15-$50Lindsay D’Addato

Base Camp Lantern

OL Guide Life Base Camp Lantern
A rechargeable light that can also power up your smartphone. $45-$55Lindsay D’Addato