In the past few days, three women made headlines when they were attacked by wildlife. None were hunting at the time, but their stories are yet more reminders that freak encounters like these can happen at the unlikeliest of times.
The first incident was a severe black bear mauling in Bakersfield, Calif., on July 22. According to this story, the victim was 57-year-old Allena Hansen, who had gone out to work on her property with two of her dogs. After the attack — which left her with serious facial lacerations — she managed to drive herself to a fire station, from which she was air-lifted to UCLA Medical Center.
Also on July 22, a Memphis woman was at a Pensacola, Fl., resort, when she was trampled by a deer. This Walton Sun story reported that 68-year-old Shelia Potts was walking back to her rental unit, when she was struck by a deer running from a nearby wooded era. Among Potts’ injuries was a cerebral hemorrhage, five broken vertebrae, several broken ribs, a pulmonary contusion, and a laceration to the scalp. She also has no memory of the event.
As if that’s not enough, on July 25 The Salt Lake Tribune reported that a grizzly bear attacked a 21-one-year old woman in Alaska. The bear reportedly pounced Abby Sisk around 11:00 p.m., near the lodge where she worked, grabbing her head in its jaws and dragging her several feet. She was listed in critical condition at Providence Alaska Medical Center, where she was suffering from head injuries, a broken jaw, and puncture wounds on her legs and arms. Her family, however, said she seemed to be in good spirits.
Sisk had reportedly been returning from a hike when the bear came out of the woods and attacked. She played dead, but when she got up after the initial encounter, the bear came at her again. A guest at the lodge spotted the bear on top of Sisk and ran toward it screaming, at which point the bear moved off.
Pretty sobering what can happen when you’re just out for a walk. -K.H.