I have a simple, three-part question. Be honest with your answers.

Part 1: Would you say that bowhunting, by virtue of requiring the hunter to get closer to his/her quarry can be equally (or even more) challenging as, say, rifle hunting? In other words, do you think it takes as much or more hunting skill to be a great bowhunter than it does to be a successful rifle hunter?

Part 2: Do you think that hunting with a more primitive weapon, e.g. a spear, or a bow, or a single-shot black powder gun, requires inherent skill and finesse?

Part 3: Do you think targeting dangerous game with a primitive weapon, like shooting a bear with a bow, for example, takes more guts than shooting said animal through a rifle scope at 150 yards?

If you answered “yes” to all three, you are a fly angler. If you didn’t, I’d suggest you try a departure from your 6:1 gear ratio reel (that is, take off the training wheels), cowboy up, and try throwing a fly at a shark. I’ve caught everything from halibut and makos to bass and giant tuna on a fly rod. And you know what? There’s nothing Tinkerbell about it.

Catch something I cannot catch on a fly, and/or have more fun than I do in the process … then talk to me about “fairy sticks” or “buggy whips.”