It should come as no surprise that Tim and I, while close friends, have somewhat different political perspectives. Not exactly like Hannity and Colmes, but one of us lives in the People’s Republic of Boulder, while the other lives in Park County, Colorado, where’s he’s been known to shoot his Constitutionally-protected firearms off the back deck when grilling steaks. You can guess who is who.

Thing is, in the context of being fly anglers, it’s hard for either of us to be really vested in any presidential or vice-presidential candidate. Maybe you can help us by offering your own opinions and insights.

Here’s what I know: Barack Obama has vowed to take up flyfishing when the election is over, win or lose. Which is cool, but I’ve heard candidates make promises before. I’m inclined to think he might be the man for the job when it comes to keeping rivers, lakes and oceans clean, but for now, the closest he’s come to wild salmon is the paté at his last San Francisco fundraiser.

John McCain catches catfish in his pond at his Sedona ranch (sigh). Jeez, with all the wealthy Republicans he knows, couldn’t he at least sneak onto one of their big private ranches around Jackson Hole or in the Roaring Fork Valley for some trout fishing? I mean, even I’ve done that…

Joe Biden… hmmm. I think he claimed to have been on a trout junket with Izaak Walton in the mid-70s. Beyond that, I’m a bit fuzzy. .

And as for Sarah Palin, she’s the only one of the bunch (don’t cha know) who has done some real fishing (bless her soul). She even named her daughter Bristol after the region in Alaska that’s home to the greatest wild salmon fishery in the world. But with regard to the proposed Pebble Mine and protecting that Bristol Bay fishery, Governor Palin has, in my opinion, shown very little spine.

So what do you think? Granted, if you’re a gun nut, the election stakes are always clear. But fly fishers are a politically scattered bunch. We don’t have a hotbutton issue. There is, after all, no “anti-bamboo” lobby. Is there?