Wilson Those of you who read Field & Stream met Michelle Wilson in the July 2007 issue. She’d written us a great essay about learning to hunt with her son, and in exchange we hosted her for a day of shooting with the magazine’s deputy editor and rifles expert David E. Petzal. (Mr. Petzal, by the way, just wrote a guest post on women hunters for the blog, so keep an eye out for it!).
Michelle is a single mom from New Richmond, Winconsin, whose teen-aged son Tyler came to her a few years back asking if he could start hunting. Michelle, who’d been around the sport a bit during childhood, decided that taking a hunter safety course and learning the woods together with her son would be a great bonding opportunity. The first season was a success, with Michelle getting her first buck and Tyler getting hooked on the sport.
Michelle is also a sergeant in the Minnesota National Guard, and last fall was deployed to Kosovo. She’s there now (unfortunately, she couldn’t make it home for the holidays, but she looks forward to seeing Tyler for his spring break). She’s sent me a few emails from overseas, and had some very interesting things to say. Of course, she has her radar up for all things hunting and conservation while she’s there. – K.H.

 _I did not realize what a big conservationist and environmentalist I was until I came here. Garbage litters the entire landscape, mostly by the waterways. It's truly sad. They are poisoning themselves and don't even realize it. Some of the living conditions here are so destroyed, it amazes me to see people living in them._  

_ But the good news is, I have been in close contact with the hunting club in my municipality. The director stops by frequently to update me on the current hunting laws, regulations, and seasons, and has invited me to go hunting with his club sometime. Unfortunately, I am not authorized to go but I would cherish the opportunity. The only thing that I can do is sit and have tea/coffee with him. He’s passionate about hunting and it’s exciting to talk with him because I’m passionate about it too.
Pass along to whomever will listen, that conservation of our lands and all the deer, elk, fish, moose, small game – EVERYTHING – is vitally important for us, our children, and their futures. For the sake of hunting as a whole, take care of the land and all that inhabit it. Since being here in Kosovo, and seeing what I’ve seen, I am encouraging that._