I was on a Wyoming hunt a few years ago, when the guide asked if we felt like shooting a few prairie dogs, and proceeded to pick one off with a 30-06. Not pretty.
I remembered that when I saw this Casper Star Tribune story about the upcoming May 31 “There Goes the Neighborhood” prairie dog killing contest in Wyoming’s Carbon County. According to organizers, the event is intended to, “provide a voice for prairie dog shooters,” and the entrance fee includes four cans of food to donate to the “Hunters for the Hungry” program.
Of course, in addition to participants, the event draws a fair amount of moral and environmental criticism from outraged opponents seeking to ban it.
I’ve never shot a prairie dog (that time with the guide was my only experience to date with prairie dog shooting — no big surprise being from New York) but I know plenty of women who plunk off a few of the ‘pests’ now and then. Do you shoot the occasional prairie dog, or just not bother with the rodents? -K.H.